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The Orthodontic center DentIdeal — the largest network of dental clinics in the North-West of Russia, specializing in orthodontics. We also provide a full range of dental services: orthodontic, therapeutic, surgical, prosthodontic and preventive dentistry.

Our company was founded in 1991 and became the first clinic in St.Petersburg, which offered its patients treatment of bite pathology with a brace-system. At that time in St. Petersburg there were no private dental clinics engaged in this area of dentistry. For more than 25 years of work, we have achieved a lot.

We created a team of 25 orthodontists and 25 dentists of other specialties. The doctors of DentIdeal are specialists with extensive experience of work, candidates of Medical Sciencesa and specialists of high degrees. In order to assure state of the art standards they actively take part in a numerous of professional development seminars and programs. Because of such commitments, treatment has reached and maintains a very professional, contemporary methodological standard second to none.

We created over 250.000 smiles. 10.000 patients are treated in our clinics per year. About 6.000 patients receive orthodontic treatment every year, half of them are children. We have proved that orthodontic treatment is possible at any age: the youngest patient was 3 years old, the oldest — 78.

Natalya Shulkina

Natalya Shulkina
the head of Dentideal center


We opened six clinics, five of which work in the center of St. Petersburg.
The main clinic is located in the immediate vicinity of the Finlyandsky railway station, where arrives the Allegro, high-speed train from Helsinki.

All clinics opened

Monday-Friday: 9:00 — 20:00
Saturday: 9:00 — 15:00


We cooperate with world leaders in the manufacture of medical equipment and medicines. It allows us to apply the latest achievements in orthodontics, dentistry and implantology.

We work with all types of bracket-systems in the world (more than 30): russian and foreign, metal and sapphire, ceramic and gold, lingual and vestibular and so on. We can offer the patient any bracket system depending on the medical indications and his financial capabilities.

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